Hot Side Boost Coupler Kit

Volvo hot side boost coupler

Reinforced Silicone Hot Side Boost Coupler Kit

 If your viewing this, then it's probably about that time that you replace your stock flimsy rubber coupler that connects your OTE (over-the-engine) pipe to your intercooler.
This coupler is made of fiber reinforced silicone of the highest quality and thickness.
It will not flex, stretch, crack, or bend like the stock one.
If you have more than 45k miles on your ride, then it's highly recommended that you toss out your stock one and replace it with one of these bad boyz.
Fully compatible with the stock intercooler setup and our GSX RaceS60R FMIC Kit.


Please leave a note specifying your year, model, and if you want blue or black. 

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