BIG Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Volvo FMIC Front Mount Intercooler Kit

This Is The Biggest Intercooler Offered For Your "R" In A Kit.

RaceS60R Front Mount Intercooler System

Featuring A New Design For An Easier Install.

No one else has been able to mount their intercooler setup like we do.  The core size is 24 X 11 X 3".  It fills up the front more than anyone else's.  Other manufacturers have taken pictures of an intercooler filling up their entire front only to leave you disappointed when you install yours.  Our Stage-3-Ready FMIC looks just as good as it performs.  The instructions are straight forward and we offer full installation support.  And we are the only ones that do not require you to drain your A/C system.  

Other features include:

  • Top mounted piping allows for you to keep your fog lights.  Also allows for fog-light cold air intake (CAI) setups.
  • Shorter piping runs allowing for quicker response with less turbo lag.
  • Replaces all of the stock plastic cold side piping with heavy-gauge polished space-shuttle-grade aluminum piping.
  • Maintains all factory sensor mount and vacuum hose locations.
  • No need to drain your A/C system saving you unforeseen headaches and fees.

Designed and engineered specifically for the Volvo S60R / V70R.  With quite a few adjustments, it can also be modified to fit on the turbo 2001 through 2009 S60’s and V70’s.  Our FMIC is engineered to improve the power and efficiency of your forced induction system.  This system uses a large Bar and Plate type core properly sized to safely deliver reduced intake temperatures and maximize power output on applications rated up to 600 hp and designed to withstand up to 50psi boost pressure. At 18.5 psi of boost pressure, our Intercooler system delivers an 18 hp increase at the wheels over the factory intercooler system.  
With it’s large bar-and-plate type core, our Stage-3-Ready intercooler system is able to work within specifications even if your ride is producing 600hp.  Weather your at 300hp or 600hp, this kit will maximize your potential performance.  

Our customers have said that this FMIC system is what Volvo should have designed the car with from the beginning. By using a large bar and plate core, we simultaneously increased thermal efficiency and reduced pressure drop. If your stock turbo is only producing 14.5 PSI boost with a 1.5 PSI pressure drop, that means that your system will be equivalent to 13 PSI.  You can turn the boost up, but that’s only creating more work for the turbo and reducing its lifespan.  With only a .4% pressure drop, less resistance for the turbocharger allows for faster spool up and improved response.  

Our FMIC system uses 2.5” diameter high strength 2mm space-shuttle-grade aluminum piping.  All piping is mandrel bent from the factory and includes all sensor and vacuum connections.  The couplers are of the highest quality having 5 to 7mm thickness and should never need replacing.

Ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being changing a tire and 10 being an engine rebuild, the installation of this system is a 4.  If you’re intimidated by changing a tire or doing an oil change, you may want to consider having a local mechanics shop do the install.

Formerly called the GSX FMIC Kit, our revamped S60R / V70R Front Mount Intercooler System is designed to be a true bolt-in system that can be installed by the home mechanic using standard tools. No welding, machining or fabricating is required and all components are designed to assemble easily and provide a professional finished appearance. Minimal trimming of factory components is required.   Estimated installation times will vary depending on the mechanical skills of the installer. For an experienced mechanic or tuning shop the installation should require 4-6 hours. Installation times for the average home mechanic will vary according to mechanical abilities. 

So, whether your plans involve increasing boost pressure or installing a larger turbocharger, our intercooler system is a must to meet your intercooling needs.  While our intercooler system will work beautifully with a stock system, performance gains will be more pronounced with modifications such as an ECU upgrade, K&N air filter, performance downpipe, and a low restriction exhaust (also available).

Pricing And Shipping

Only available with BLACK Couplers

Feel free to contact us for any questions or quotes. 

RaceS60R FMIC Intercooler Kit = $675 + Free Shipping for 48 states. 

Add $25 for an alcohol injection port with plug.    

International bidders, please contact us first to see if this can be shipped to your country due to size restrictions.  Shipping prices will vary.  

Overseas shipping is typically $120, but please contact us first for a specific quote. 

It is strongly suggested that you purchase one of our HD-TCV V2's for $61 with this kit. 

The Ram Air Kit is going for $45 only takes an extra 5 minutes to install when doing a FMIC install. 

The Silicone Hot Side Boost Coupler kit is also recommended at $40. 

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