Ram Air Induction Plate Kit


Volvo S60R S60 V70R Ram Air Intake Kit Air Management Induction Plate

  • Pressurizes the air filter box
  • Allows air to be available when the turbo needs
  • The turbo doesn't need to work as hard because air is being forced in rather than the turbo needing to suck it in
  • Provides shorter spool time and increased acceleration

Compare the pictures of our Ram Air Kit with the stock scoop and you can see that there will be a big difference in air induction.

Other designs add a 2nd induction port which do not create a balanced pressure.  If your introducing a high flow air induction source coupled with the stock induction, the added pressure from the high flow induction will cause a back-flow out of the stock intake source resulting in less than optimal performance.

With the RaceS60R Ram Air Plate, you will optimize your induction system if you are already running an aftermarket kit that is coupled with the stock system. 

Please Note: A secondary induction system is not required or needed with this product.  It utilizes the factory intake components and channels a more efficient and pressurized path to the airbox.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2004 - 2007 S60R/V70R
  • 2001 - 2009 S60/V70

Includes all hardware and instructions.

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