Volvo HD TCV Version 2 Turbo Control Valve

Volvo HD TCV Turbo Control Valve

2nd Gen HD TCV Valve

 Unleash the full potential of your ride by freeing up performance that has been suppressed by a sluggish Turbo Control Valve.

Your stock valve gets gummed up and opens slower and not as far as time goes by. 
Should be replaced every 40k miles to maintain peak performance levels. 
Opens faster and wider than the stock valve.

This is our 2nd generation valve designed to work with most P2 volvo's from 2001 through 2009.
This includes S60's, V70's, R's, T5's, C70's, S40's, C30's, XC90's, and XC70's.
Designed to handle the most extreme temperature ranges and fluctuations. 
Handles well over 40 PSI with ease.  

Works perfect with aftermarket and stock tunes. 

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